Our logo

Our logo is the full stop at the end of our brand sentence.

It’s bold, bright and encompasses our brand pillars. We love our logo, it is a representation of VIOOH, so please use it properly.

Download VIOOH logo

Download VIOOH logo with slogan

For anyone, outside VIOOH, requesting to use our logo for publication use  please confirm with marketing [] prior to to publishing.

Wondering which version to use? Go with the one that highest contrast/legibility. On images we prefer white as it is the highest contrast over busy/ full colour imagery.

The Logo with tagline lockup is only to be used on larger formats and not to be used on anything smaller than A4 applications —to ensure legibility.

If you need to boost legibility, place a layer with 10–20% black tint (see above)





Now, we don't like saying no to you, but we do need some rules to control the fun. So, that means no unapproved colours, gradients or modifications.


VIOOH colours

Below are our selected colours, these are represented in our logo and all marketing collateral.

We have a different blue (presentation blue) to use in presentation for ease of reading. For all other purposes please use the VIOOH blue


Primary colours


RGB: 117, 33, 85 | HEX #752155



RGB: 0, 237, 255 | HEX #00EDFF


Secondary colours


Presentation blue

0, 191, 243

Dark grey

HEX #696969

Mid grey

192, 192, 192
HEX #c0c0c0

Light grey

243, 243, 243
HEX #f3f3f3



VIOOH font

Roboto is our chosen font—download here—and should be used whenever possible to communicate key brand messages i.e. letterhead, presentations and e-signatures. It’s available in multiple weights but we just use “normal” through “black” in most instances.

An alternative text is helvetica, if the recipients cannot use Roboto.

Font usage

  • Roboto Normal (all copy)

  • Roboto Medium (another option for main points on presentation copy, excluding titles)

  • Roboto Bold (main point on presentation copy, excluding titles)

  • Roboto Black (headers)




Our algorithm

AKA our tone of voice / our personality / our way with words.

To help ensure we are all on the same page and have the same point of VIOOH we have put together a few notes which can guide your language and tone of voice when you’re writing or presenting on behalf of VIOOH

We like to have a conversation, more than that, we like to listen to our users. Our users are our ambassadors, our idea generators and our critics.

Our tone of voice is the foundation to our branding. By remaining open and transparent with what we say, do and present, we keep to our values as a business.


Write and wrong

A few specific guidelines for any written or presented copy. When writing for VIOOH consider the four brand pillars and how they shape our message to market

I.e. realise, personalise

Writing in first and second person
i.e.  you, your, we, our

We always spell VIOOH in capitals

I.e. realize, personalize

Writing in third person
i.e. VIOOH understands (VIOOH is not a person, it’s a platform)

Viooh or viooh
Also, no full stop after VIOOH


Getting into the nitty-gritty

When we are presenting or writing to clients - when things are written down, we encourage our team to think through the following:

  • Understanding
    if users don’t understand, we haven’t explained clearly.

  • Relevant
    everything you say and write should be important to the user, not just what we want to tell users. Simply put, is what you’re writing or presenting of interest to the user?

  • Concise 
    we try to never over complicate our message or use 12 words when you can simply use two. In the time of 280 character attention spans, lets keep it simple.



When we're talking about business related topics, we utilise black & white imagery. Classic styling but a modern twist in the form of the image choices. We aim to use joyful, charismatic, aspirational and inclusive choices. We do not use overly posed or front-facing portrait poses with forced smiles.


This young woman is a perfect example of what we're trying to capture. So much so, she is the face/title slide of our partner and client presentations as well as our website, dashboard and social media pages.

When using only one image to present VIOOH, use this image. To ensure it's not overused we do have alternative images available.
Download Brand Pillar imagery pack
Download People imagery pack
Download Humour imagery pack
Download Inanimate imagery pack

The only exception to the front facing rule is to be found in our team photos to allow accurate indentification.


We like to inject a human centric and light hearted approach to our presentation imagery. This allows us to further convey our personality, especially important when a VIOOH team member is not presenting the content in person. Please keep this in mind when selecting imagery and keep away from politically motivated, controversial or ‘not safe for work’ images. 

Some good guidelines are the below images