Nestlé Purina

Cross-media campaign combining programmatic OOH and online audio

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About this campaign
16% increase in purchase consideration in cities where OOH & audio were advertised together
Cities nationwide across Germany
WallDecaux, Kinetic, Active Agent, Otto Retail Media [m]SCIENCE

This cross-media campaign connected programmatic OOH and online audio to create a seamless brand experience. An audience-led approach to buying OOH placements was executed in this campaign, targeting audiences identified as cat lovers or owners via Otto Retail Group’s data, which then worked in tandem to trigger the placements based on their data, location and time data.

The prOOH campaign was then extended to online audio channels such as streaming platforms or online radios, where the same target group was approached.

The results were amazing: consideration uplift for the product increased by +11%, whilst in the cities where the combination of both OOH & audio ads were advertised, the probability of buying the Nestlé Purina product increased by +16% (data provided after market research study of [m]SCIENCE). Finally, the programmatic element of this campaign meant that real-time campaign optimisation and efficient budget allocation in the DSP led to a 13% increase of ad impressions, with no increase in budget.

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