Our mission statement

To grow out of home ad spend globally, by offering an integrated platform to provide automation and offer programmatic trading for media sellers and buyers


Our brand promise

We are an open, independent and global marketplace for out of home, combining data and technology to connect brands to the right audience, all with full transparency.


Our motto

It's simple, making a great impression.

As individuals, everything we do, we try to make a great impression, to make our connections and experiences memorable. So why would we, as a business, not enable the same connection between advertisers and consumers?

Couple this logic with impressions being the common currency that out of home and digital are traded and measured and you’ve got our tagline.

Through data and our technology we are making every impression a great impression



These are the four pillars that we build our business upon.



We are an open platform, setting a new standard for sector-wide cooperation, working with partners and all media owners alike, without bias.
We ensure full confidentiality regarding data, sales policy, rates and income for each media partner. 


We don't have any hidden commissions - we don't charge any commissions on the buy side. Our platform enables programmatic direct trading which gives full control to buyers and sellers to negotiate their deals. 


Although the platform was originally created within JCDecaux, we are an independent entity with our own management, governance, employees and infrastructure.


We are deploying in a number of countries including UK, US, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Singapore and Australia… with many more to come. 


Messages to the market

We’re here to help you make a great impression!

Designed by OOH experts for the OOH industry and backed by advertising powerhouse JCDecaux, VIOOH offers all media owners and buyers a frictionless experience for automated OOH and programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) transactions. 

Our data-driven, open platform increases efficiency, speed to market and allows for greater campaign creativity whilst enabling dynamic and measurable outcomes. 

We're offering media buyers a transparent platform that ensures advertising messages are 100% viewable, brand safe and seen by real, targeted audiences or a broader demographic.

Our machine learning algorithm incorporates a number of data sources which enable better targeted campaigns and more effective outcomes.


For media owners, we ensure the following three factors:

  • Equality for every media owner, ensuring they receive the same high level of service and rates

  • Confidentiality on sales policies, data, inventory and rates

  • Inclusion into product roadmap


How we present ourselves is important to us, check out our brand guidelines here


Our glossary

So what does it all mean? We try not to speak too much jargon but alas it sometimes just happens. So the next best option is to explain exactly what each acronym and key term we use actually means


The opportunity for a screen or site to be seen once, by a individual consumer. The metric by which digital out of home campaigns can be bought and reported upon.

Cost per thousand (CPM)
The price to deliver an impression to 1,000 individuals.

A completed digital ad play, viewable on an out of home screen.

Play frequency
The number of times an individual creative played within a one hour period.

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)
Software platforms used by digital media buyers to access inventory/impressions from the VIOOH Exchange.

Media buyers
Brands, agencies, trading desks and DSPs who purchase impressions.

Media owners
Own the sales rights to the out of home inventory which delivers content to an audience.

Out of home & digital out of home.

Share of time
The % of time a particular ad is shown on a screen, in a given period of time.

A breakdown of ad delivery, by site, by hour.

Agency Trading Desks (ATD)
Team within an agency that executes digital media buying as a managed service.

An automated system that allows media owners to individually trade by impression and advertisers to use algorithms to determine what impression to buy at what price.

VIOOH Exchange
Facilitates the purchase of inventory/impressions for DSPs in milliseconds, to be displayed in the next hour.

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)
Software platform to manage, optimise and sell inventory. It connects media owners to multiple buyers (exchanges, DSPs and agency trading desks) at once.

Deal ID
System or human generated number that can be assigned to a specific deal, to identify the deal rules/parameters between media buy and seller.