VIOOH —who?

How do we say our name, well it sounds like 'view'. It's also a lot shorter than saying 'Viewed Impressions for Out Of Home'.

We are an open, independent and global marketplace for out of home. We combine data and technology to enable brand safe and measurable advertising, connecting brands to the right audience, all with full transparency.

Meet our awesome team.


Working with JCDecaux, the platform gave us the ability to run more relevant and impactful creative at exact frame location and times, using custom decisioning across time / location / live flight times / live weather. We saw a great impact in bookings through this ability to tailor our outdoor message at opportune moments.

Dom Blacklock
Head of programmatic, the7stars


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What do we do?

We are making out of home more accessible and offer existing and new buyers and sellers a frictionless experience for automated OOH and programmatic digital OOH transactions.

VIOOH gives media buyers a transparent platform that ensures advertising messages are 100% viewable, brand safe and seen by bot free, targeted audiences.

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Product overview

Our full stack platform is a combination of data, technology and audiences and includes:



Enables automated planning and trading of out of home inventory and audience impressions.


  • inventory data including format and location and first and third party audience data integrated from media owners.
  • inventory availability and set pricing rules which is set and controlled by media owners.
  • allocation engine which schedules and optimises campaigns based on machine learning.
  • compliance reports.

Access via:

  • user interface - a simple to use dashboard which enables media buyers to build and trade their campaigns directly based on KPIs and campaign parameters.
  • API connection from/to existing media buyer planning tools for efficiency and speed to market.


Enables programmatic transactions through our technology and connections to multiple DSP bidders including MediaMath, Adform, AppNexus, Scoota and Adobe Advertising Cloud. 


  • real time bidding (RTB)
  • private marketplace (PMP)
  • programmatic guaranteed


Enables media buyers to schedule and manage dynamic content based on data and inbuilt rules.


  • content management system (CMS) to schedule and update content based on geolocations, time of day, day of week, sales, promotions and events.
  • content development kit (CDK) which allows developers to create and integrate real time content for campaigns.
  • proof of play and play out reports.

Leadership team

These wonderful faces belong to our team. They’d love to chat with you about how you can create a greater impact and connection with your audiences.


Jean-Christophe (JC) Conti
Chief Executive Officer

Previously VP in charge of Publisher Business Unit EMEA at AppNexus and VP of Global Partnerships at Yahoo, JC brings a wealth of digital knowledge and a French/Swiss accent to the team. An avid skier and mountaineer, JC loves to cook and is a red wine aficionado, every team needs one.


Ben Maher
Chief Commercial Officer

An old hand at tech and startups, before joining VIOOH, from JCDecaux, Ben ran Mashable in EMEA and South East Asia, after a stint working in Space tourism. Possessing the gift of the gab, don’t let him talk you into gambling, he once owned a casino!


Michelle Langelaan
Director of Marketing

The bringer of sparkling dust, Michelle previously headed the marketing team for JCDecaux UK Direct and worked to build their global start up programme, before joining VIOOH. She brings her aussie sense of humour to the business, even if she’s the only one laughing...


Stephan Lavollee
Chief Operating Officer

An IT and tech guru, Stephan has over 25 years in the media and advertising industry, including leading the digital transformation team at JCDecaux before moving to VIOOH. The most active of us all, Stephan actually enjoys training for a marathon!


Tim Harvey
VP of Strategy

The brains behind the platform idea, Tim drove digital innovation within JCDecaux UK and other global OOH media owners in the early days of digital out of home. He brought his experience from working with Nintendo, EA, BBC and Inspired Gaming —we're sensing a trend.



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