Modern Slavery Statement

26 January 2021


This statement has been produced in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Act requires commercial organisations doing business in the UK with a turnover exceeding £36 million, to publish an annual slavery and human trafficking statement setting out the steps that the organisation has taken in the financial year to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of its supply chain or own business.



VIOOH Limited (VIOOH) is not aware of any slavery or human trafficking in any part of our supply chain throughout the world. VIOOH is committed to preventing any such practices being undertaken under the auspices of VIOOH’s supply chain. 



All new suppliers must sign up to the VIOOH Code of Conduct of Suppliers (or the supplier’s equivalent) to ensure we work with suppliers who share our commitment to avoid slavery and human trafficking.  

We have processes to ensure substantive evaluation of the key suppliers in the Company’s supply chain. The principles of the Code of Conduct of Suppliers are expressly referenced to be incorporated within our Purchase Terms and Conditions.



As at 25 January 2021, VIOOH had 90 employees.  The Company’s supply chain and enforcement of the policies adumbrated in this statement rests with the Chief Financial Officer, Peter Vick.

Our Social Values include Condemnation of Child Labour, Condemnation of all forms of Forced or Compulsory Labour, Work-Personal Life Balance, Health and Safety of Workers and more. 



We shall ensure that:

  • Employees (and those offered employment or engagement) have a lawful right to work in the UK
  • Not less than Statutory minimum wages are paid
  • Bullying, discrimination and harassment is not permitted or tolerated in any form
  • Site conditions are safe and provide a working environment conductive to the protection of the environment, human health and quality workmanship

It is proposed that all key suppliers complete a questionnaire to enable us to undertake compliance checks to our requirements and to legal requirements regards modern slavery.



VIOOH publishes on its intranet and on-line information for all office based employees to emphasise the importance of ethical conduct and our social values.  Guidance on the Modern Slavery Act will be incorporated through communication and future training.

Awareness to our Purchasing Procedures and VIOOH Supplier Code of Conduct is communicated on a regular basis.


VIOOH Code of Conduct for Suppliers is available on our website here