Media owners

We’ll enable you to optimise your campaigns and give you access to incremental demand and revenue, all whilst ensuring you retain control of your inventory, prices and when required, brands displayed on screens.

To create a leading platform for out of home, its best to have been at the heart of it. Utilising our extensive knowledge of the industry, we have simplified the out of home market, removed historical complexities and boosted speed to market to add value to inventory, optimise campaigns and drive revenue.


over 90% of agencies buy programmatically

VIOOH provides a frictionless option to include Digital OOH in digital budgets


Unlocking the real value of out of home

The platform optimises your traditional media campaigns by using our data and technology to deliver efficient, measurable campaigns and increase demand.

Programmatically, increased competition for impressions, via the exchange and our DSP partners, combined with consumer data will drive the CPM, increasing your revenue.


Reaching new buyers

By creating a streamlined and efficient platform which optimises campaigns and enables dynamic content to screens, current and new advertisers will be encouraged to include more out of home in their integrated marketing strategies.

It also ensures digital out of home can be included in digital budgets, creating new revenue opportunities.



You’re in control —yes, you!

We offer full control to the sellers on their pricing, availability and brands appearing on premium inventory


Getting up to speed

Using the platform, impressions can be traded up to one hour before display allowing you to monetise previously unsold inventory.

Our API and programmatic capabilities enable campaigns to be planned and traded in seconds


Measuring up

All of our audience based data is GDPR compliant and audited and incorporated into the planning, trading and measuring of campaigns.

We can deliver compliance and playout reports on all campaigns.



Our partners