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DOOH 是一个游戏规则的改变者 - 改变了各方投放广告的方式。 这正是我们的团队成员所需具备的品质。

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我们对在 VIOOH 的工作生活有一个简单的目标:成为一个理想的工作场所。 我们如何定义伟大是由我们的员工决定的,所以我们所做的一切都是建立在塑造未来、开放、尊重以及乐趣之上。点击播放视频,一睹我们的团队风采

VIOOH 的价值观

我们的价值观塑造我们的行为。 这样,每个人的潜力都能得到发挥,这也将裨益我们的员工与客户



We are honest, transparent and we truly trust each other.

Make it happen

Make it happen

We make it happen. We’re relentless. We pursue excellence.

Be courageous

Be courageous

We’re fearless. We don’t fear uncertainty. We dream big, we’re curious and we think differently.



We are stronger together as a single, unified team. We collaborate and respect each other, and we value diversity.

Customer centric

Customer centric

Our customers are the very core of VIOOH. We listen to and are accountable to our customers.


2020 年,我们创建了 Future VIOOH 项目,该计划旨在为新的工作时代和下一阶段扩大规模,重新设计我们的人员和文化战略。


我们为拥有建设性、有趣和进步的文化而感到自豪。 我们的“文化俱乐部”由员工运营,举办线上线下的活动,为全球各地的 VIOOH 员工提供支持。

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2023 年度英国最佳职场

《星期日泰晤士报》将我们列为 2023 年英国“最佳职场”之一,并在“女性最佳职场”类别中获得“高度推荐”奖。

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Current Job Openings

My favourite part about working at VIOOH is the people! We have lots of awesome colleagues, kind, polite and smart.

Georgios Karametas Engineering Manager

I was always hesitant how working from home would be but working in a hybrid environment at VIOOH has really encouraged a better work/life balance. On top of that, working from the US in a global company can be hard but at VIOOH it works seamlessly - mornings are busy with the global team and afternoons are quiet and productive when getting work done.

Erin McFadden Senior Marketing Manager

As a member of the VIOOH team, I appreciate the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which creates a supportive and protective environment for all employees. The hybrid work model has enabled me to achieve a healthy work-life balance, allowing me to enjoy my personal time while staying productive and engaged during work hours.

Ethan Huang Product Deployment Specialist

From an Office Managers perspective, turning hybrid has not been without its hiccups! Personally, I love the hybrid work life balance. Being at home lets you shut off right at the end of the day, or visit the gym/pool in my lunch hour. Being in the office lets you collaborate, socialise and check up on everyone's well being. It really is the best of both worlds!

Hannah Allison Office Manager / Executive assistant to CEO



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